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As said before, this cog is in very early stage development, and is not intended for public use, and I am looking for bugs, issues and feedback. If you cannot understand the (relatively simple) instructions, then now is not a good time to install, and its better to wait until it is officially released. I would recommend searching google for the answers to your questions.

Link to the support server

Common Questions

Dashboard cog is loaded, and webserver is up, but it isn’t showing my bot’s info

  • Did you start the bot with the RPC flag?

  • If you started the bot with the --rpc-port flag, did you provide the same port to reddashcommand when starting the webserver? Vice versa?

  • Have you set the redirect and secret in the cog’s settings?

  • Have you tried reloading the dashboard cog/restarting the webserver?

  • Have you tried updating the dashboard cog and dashboard itself?

My browser said the website take too much time to answer or a similar error

Your firewall is maybe not configured to accept the port Dashboard is listening for, if you are on Linux, run sudo ufw allow <webport> (Default is 42356). If you are on Windows, type Firewall in your search bar and add a new rule.