Installing Companion Cog


This webserver and it’s accompanying cog is built for Red Discord Bot. It will not work with other bots. If you haven’t already, install Red here.

Welcome to the Dashboard Cog Installation Guide. While running the below directions, the following is assumed:

  1. You have an active instance of Red Discord Bot, 3.3.9+ (you can check your version with [p]info).

  2. You are considered a “bot owner” on your Red instance, meaning you can run owner-only commands.

Installing the cog from the repository

Installing the cog is extremely easy, and can be accomplished through Red’s plugin, or cog system.

  1. First, if you have not already, load the downloader cog on your bot:


[p] represents your bot’s prefix. Make sure to replace it when pasting these commands inside of Discord.

[p]load downloader
  1. Next, add Neuro Assassin’s cog repository to your bot:

[p]repo add NeuroAssassin


The dashboard cog located here is the only official companion cog to the Red Dashboard software. Take precaution before installing cogs that you may not trust.

  1. Next, install the dashboard cog from the repository:

[p]cog install NeuroAssassin dashboard
  1. Finally, load the dashboard cog:

[p]load dashboard

You can now proceed to configuration the companion dashboard cog. Start here to decide which guide to follow.